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6                                             LTFK  OF
BaBedow, he was appointed director of tho Philau-
thropiii at Dessau., and received the title of an A.niwH-
Dcssau commissioner of education. Thin appoint-
ment he fulfilled for one year, ami loft it to found hiw
subsequently so celebrated private educational esta-
blishment at Hamburg,
Major von Humbo'ldt had now to look out for an-
other tutor, and in the beginning1 of the year 177*7 hi#
choice fell upon a youth of twenty years of a#o, who,
without enjoying the reputation of his prodoooHHor,
excited groat expectations in the major, which ho
faithfully fulfilled. Hiw namo WUH Ohriwtiau K.unth ;
he was poor, and had to disoontlnuo Ms acadomioal
HtudioK from of tho 'noeossary poouuiary lunanH.
But he posBCHScd an, extraordinary knowlodgo of
Gorman, Tjatin, ami If roach literatim *_, of philosophy
and history, and a high order of uxtd'lU^cti, joinert do
the habit of movixkg in, atistocsratic circUw, wUUih hln
position of toachor opened to him, 'By thin moatiH
Major voix -Hixmboldt xnade hin acqtuuiataiice^ and
took him. into MH 'hotiHC an tutor to hin HOJIH, which
wan ab tlit^ time a mark, of great confidonco, ami an
ojixvied dLstiixctioxi, The young man, ftnmd hin pupik
of tho respective ages of eight aixd totx years, and ho
succeeded in further developing and porloobmg tlu^
talents roused in the mind a;nd heart" of IUH yotmg
charges by his predoceflBor*Oampo. llo entered into
a more intimate relation t0 them than that of tnaeimr
towards pupils; he bestowed moro care upon thtntn
than that by which a teacher faithfully imparts hin
own knowledge to the mind of a talontod or <|
eMlxl KimtJx endcavouretl to Biakc everything within
his reach in Berlin, available and 'useful for tho dsvo*
lopment of hin charges. The nuccesB of bin i^tultM^
vonrs not only confirmod tho confidence* of the) p&rimte,
but awoke in the youths a ptire? unchaug<*ablo lovo ftwr
tlioir toachor, ana aax affection aud coniidoixco which
continued throughout lim life to IU*H doath m iwi equal
degree. Whenever Alexander wan, in lator timf
on his voyages of discovery, or if tba